This Is The Amazing Young People in Business Today

Having just read an article about the three young men who started Facebook and are now billionaires in their twenties, I am amazed at the accomplishments of young people in this day and age. While the bad economy continues to drag on in many aspects, causing large numbers of people to be unemployed and suffering, some young people are having incredible success. They are becoming leaders and making huge amounts of money. They are the new generation of a group which could be considered the obscenely wealthy in society. Becoming a billionaire at such a young age is truly astonishing, but there are a great number of young people who are already millionaire entrepreneurs. These successful young people are hard working and ambitious.

With the advent of new technological advances in ever increasing numbers and complexity, young people are the ones who are making absolutely astounding new discoveries. As they are extremely well versed in the intricacies of the computer and its many facets, they are making new advancements in nearly everything having to do with making the world run more smoothly and efficiently. They are making life more interesting and enjoyable as their technological discoveries are accepted and embraced.

Education has been touted as the all important way for young people to get ahead in the world and is indeed valuable for most career choices. Yet advanced degrees or even college educations have been unnecessary for some of the most successful people in the world. Some successful people have even dropped out of high school.

Although college degrees are not always essential for some fields, continuing education and learning are most important. Many of the most successful people are avid readers who are always studying and learning new things. Their minds and brains must be churning as they discover new ways to improve life and living. They have learned leadership skills which they have put into practice.

The Schools of Hard Knocks, or in other words life experiences, are very beneficial in teaching much of life’s most worthwhile lessons. Formal education should be encouraged and valued wherever possible and advisable, but it is not the significant educational choice for some of the world’s greatest economic leaders.

There are many in the older generation who may have the belief that young people of today are self centered and self serving. This is a generalization which could be true for a segment of society. Yet there are millions of these outstanding individuals in this age range who are doing significant work and making worthwhile contributions to life upon this planet. The advances they are making are nothing short of amazing. They are to be commended.